James’ paper on “Switchable AlScN FBARs with a record high kt2” is accepted for oral presentation at IFCS2020!

Congrats to James and Mingyo. The paper is titled: “A High-kt2 Switchable Ferroelectric Al0.7Sc0.3N Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator”


DeaGyu’s most recent work is accepted for publication at MARSS 2020/21. It reports on the “world’s smallest bristle-bot!”

The paper is titled “Magnetically-Actuated Micro-Scale Bristle-Bots.” Congrats to DeaGyu and Chris!


Our research is covered in Nature Electronics Research Highlight


James’ paper on switchable Ferroelectric FBARs is accepted to Hilton Head workshop 2020. Congrats to James and the team!

Chris’s paper on steering micro-bristle robots by actuation frequency control is accepted for presentation at ICRA 2020 in Paris. Congrats to Chris and the team!


Our recent collaborative work on single crystal multi-layer AlScN/metal/oxide structures for filter applications is published in Physica Status Solidi (a)

The title of the paper is “Single Crystal Multilayer Nitride, Metal, Oxide Structures on Engineered Silicon for New Generation RF Filters Application”

Azadeh wins an NSF CAREER award to work on multi-GHz NEM frequency combs

The proposal is titled: “Radio Frequency Spectrum Sensing with a Fine-tooth Nanomechanical Frequency Comb”

Azadeh Ansari is appointed as the Sutterfield Family Junior Professor in ECE


Chris Hao wins the Otto & Jenny Krause Award! Congratulations Chris!

Welcome to our newest PhD student, Tony Wang!

Tony joins us from UC Berkeley, where he did his undergraduate studies in Material Science with a minor in Electrical Engineering.