Welcome to our research webpage! Our research is primarily in the area of nano/micro electromechanical systems (N/MEMS) with an emphasis on III-V semiconductors and piezoelectric materials. Areas of research include:

  • Resonant devices for timing, sensing, and RF applications
  • Muscle-inspired actuators for micro-robotic applications
  • Nonlinear and nonreciprocal devices
  • III-V electro-acoustic devices, HEMTs, and circuits

Open Positions

We are currently looking for highly-motivated PhD students or postdocs interested in joining our team, Students and researchers with a diverse background in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science and Applied Physics are encouraged to apply.

For further information on the ongoing projects, please contact Azadeh Ansari directly and send your CV to azadeh.ansari@ece.gatech.edu.