Mingyo’s paper on formation, evolution and tuning of micromechanical frequency combs is accepted for publication in JMEMS.

Great job Mingyo!

Chris’s paper on single Crystal Sc-AlN SAW resonators is accepted for presentation at IMS 2019!

Congratulations to Chris and rest of the team!
Chris will present his work at IMS, June 2-7 in Boston, MA.

Check out our recent review paper on effective Q tuning mechanisms in MEMS resonators!

Our collaborative work with Stanford and EPFL is published in Applied Physics Review. Our paper reviews various Q enhancement/suppression techniques and aims at unifying different Q pumping models used in clocks, resonant sensors and optomechanical resonators.

Yue is selected as a recipient of a President’s Undergraduate Research Award (PURA) for Spring 2019

Congrats Yue!
She has received this award for her work on “A Novel Design of Nonreciprocal Acoustic Device.”
More info on PURA: http://www.undergradresearch.gatech.edu/content/presidents-undergraduate-research-awards

Chris joins our lab as the newest PhD student. Welcome Chris!

Azadeh teaches two modules on FM radios to high school students during Hands-on Tech (H.O.T.) Days @ Georgia Tech Day Camp

The H.O.T. Days @ Georgia Tech camp is a one-week-long summer day camp designed to introduce students attending high schools in Georgia to electrical and computer engineering (ECE) concepts. The goal of the program is to instill an interest in ECE and increase the number of high school graduates majoring in this field.
We teamed up with the Electronics Lab at Gatech led by James Steinberg, to teach high school students soldering techniques to build FM auto-scan radios; and learn about electrical engineering principles such as basics of wave propagation, resonance, antennas and electronic circuits.

Our group takes part in National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI) Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at GT.

We are hosting Roman Shevchenko from North Carolina State to work on piezoelectric actuators Link.


Azadeh presents on at GEDC IAB spring meeting

Mingyo’s paper on dual-mode frequency comb sensors is accepted for late news oral presentation at Hilton Head Workshop (Acceptance rate: %12)

The purpose of the late news is to enable the “latest” outstanding papers to make it to the Workshop…It deals with absolutely remarkable and novel achievements that should not be missed, both for the author and the attendees of the conference. Late news oral presentation acceptance rate is %12.More information on Hilton Head Workshop: Link.

Azadeh Ansari gives an invited talk at WIE event at the IEEE APEC 2018

Azadeh was the invited speaker for the Women In Engineering (WIE) breakfast event at IEEE Applied Power Electronics conference (APEC), held in San Antonio, TX on March 7, 2018.

More details on the talk can be found here.