An interdiciplinary team at GT led by Azadeh Ansari awarded to develop muscle-inspired actuators

Our research team wins $225K seed grant for 3 yrs as the lead group for multi-disciplinary research on “Muscle-Inspired Actuators for Multi-scale Robotics” awarded by Institute of Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) at Georgia Tech.
Co PIs: Simon Sponberg (Physics, Biological sciences, BME), Jun Ueda (ME), Daniel Goldman (Physics), Jason Nadler (MSE, GTRI), Farrokh Ayazi (ECE), Muhannad Bakir (ECE), and Magnus Egerstedt(ECE).

Link to IEN program centers.

Azadeh Ansari presents at nanotech seminar on Feb 13th

More information on the talk: Link

DeaGyu Kim joins the group as the first masters student!

Welcome to the group DeaGyu! January 11, 2018

Mingyo Park joins our lab as the first PhD student!

Welcome on board Mingyo! January 11, 2018